Fulcrum Platform

Fulcrum was developed with the latest version of Visual Studio.NET utilizing ASP.NET, SQL Reporting Services and Visual Studio Team Foundation Services.  The application was written utilizing C# as the programming language.  We believe that Fulcrum was the first business application developed for any industry by a third-party on Microsoft’s next-generation business application platform.  As a web based application, Fulcrum requires no client software to be installed or maintained on workstations.

Fulcrum seamlessly integrates with Great Plains and allows for advanced financial analysis. However, Fulcrum can be integrated to other back office applications.

The application runs under Microsoft SQL Server and extensively uses stored procedures and transaction rollback capability.  Microsoft SQL Server is the leading database utilized today and is scalable to provide robust and stable transaction processing as needs increase.  The Microsoft SQL database supports fast and powerful querying, data integrity enhancement and fast business logic execution.  Through Analyst Services imbedded within the SQL Server platform, OLAP technology capabilities are available for enhanced data mining and data warehousing.

Fulcrum’s Mobile Accounting solution has been developed using Windows Mobile 6 and SQL CE 3.1 / SQL Compact.  For our current thinking on mobile devices, please see Dan Friedman's September 2010 presentation to the TRSA Tech summit (click here)

Fulcrum has received Microsoft’s Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Certification, and is the only industry solution recognized by Microsoft (see the Microsoft Windows Server Catalog).