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1-Laundry Logic Partners with MCC Top


Features & Benefits
  • Eliminate Paper – Eliminate the cost, errors and loss associated with paper based forms and the manual end of day reconciliation programs
  • Hardware Agnostic – We do not make you choose from a short list. Select virtually any smart phone, tablet, laptop or internet accessible device that is suitable for your operation.
  • Control – Provide your RSR with a standardized program and digital toolset required for accurate route settlement through the ability to manage onsite product sales, extend credit/exchanges, capture signature and then issue an electronic invoice. Eliminate manual calculations by coding formulas into the eForm. Even when out of coverage, technicians can collect and complete the required route activities.
  • Real Time Access to Information – Route service supervisors and delivery representatives have instant access to product and customer information, ability to lookup account history, daily specials and an assortment of productivity tools available at their fingertips.
  • Information Dashboard – Through our secure web portal, Schedule Live; Managers and dispatchers have access to familiar Google maps to plot the location of all their Routeman or other field representatives. Our visual based dashboard provides a real-time view of the current status of all field personnel. This allows proactive steps are met in order to maintain the required customer service commitment.
  • Single Route Optimization – With a simple click of a mouse, routes can be optimized by dragging and dropping to address a new stop sequence, assign to a new route service representative or address emergency requests. Once the route is optimized it is instantaneously assigned and pushed out to the mobile user.
  • GPS Services – Device dependent, the M-LINX™ solution aids drivers by providing a familiar, easy to use mobile navigation resource.
  • Interface – M-LINX™ uses a standard interface protocol which streamlines the integration to your Route Accounting and Financial modules.
  • Reporting – Access to a rich level of business reports that can be configured as required
Optional Modules
MCC offers optional modules to enhance systems capabilities and provide an additional layer of information.
Whether you are looking to drastically decrease your fuel operating costs, optimize your route efficiencies or keep an eye on all of your field assets, MCC can help transform your mobile route operations to the next level.
M-LINX™ for Routing and Scheduling Optimization (as a Service)
Reduce mile driven, reduce fuel costs and reduce overtime, all while improving customer service. Does it make more sense to have route optimization delivered as a service? No worry to have an in-house managed application. Let us do the work for you and optimize only when you need to. Seasonal changes, general updates on a quarterly basis or brining in new business. MCC will provide you with the services needed to get your routes
  • Dynamically optimize your route based on predefined business variables and/or emergency situations
  • Balance seasonal fluctuations and personnel (asset) resources
M-LINX™ for Vehicle Telemetry
  • Reduce your fleet’s operating cost through reduced idling and speed monitoring
  • Build a comprehensive maintenance program using pro-active alerts
  • Create a green corporate initiative program that works
M-LINX™ Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Unlock the answers that lie within your data to make enhanced operational and tactical decisions
  • Differentiate against your competition and deliver the best overall customer satisfaction experience!

Feature List
  • Picture Capture
  • Find Closest Resource
  • Product and Inventory Tracking
  • Truck Loading Production
  • Safety and Compliance Reporting
  • Digital Proof of Service
  • Soil Bag Tracking
  • Mobile ORDER
  • GPS and Geofence Reporting
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • RFID Scanning
  • Electronic Forms (eForm)
  • Automated Call Ahead
  • Asset Tracking Time and Event
  • Vehicle Telemetry
  • Mobile Reports Printing
  • Mobile Payment Processing

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2-Laundry Logic LLC Acquires Fulcrum Top

Laundry Logic LLC has acquired all rights, including source code, to the Fulcrum suite of software products for the textile rental industry from its former owner, Net Applications Solutions (NAS).   In addition, Laundry Logic has combined the best of both worlds: it's customer driven programming solutions and it's dedication to customer service. Laundry Logic realizes that servicing the customer after the sale is as important as providing world class software. They know that long term relationships are what make the difference in the software world and are also what set Laundry Logic apart from the rest of the Textile Rental software providers.

Edward J. Keegan III, VP of Customer Engineering, is excited about the future for Laundry Logic customers.  "Using our experience gained over the past 35 years, Laundry Logic can now modify any aspect of FULCRUM as needed, permitting us to take the application to the next level.  We will now be able to focus the same attention to detail and respond to the specific needs of our ever-changing industry just as we have with our legacy applications.”
Laundry Logic LLC will continue to operate out of its offices in Plymouth Meeting PA.  Laundry Logic  will provide continued development, sales and marketing of the Fulcrum product, as well as support for both Fulcrum and the legacy application, Eagle.  Laundry Logic’s mission is to provide state-of-the-art solutions to the textile rental industry, partnering with customers who value technology as a means to differentiate their business.
3-Case Study Top

ITU is a five-plant industrial company.  For more details see ITU Case Study

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