Fulcrum Modules

Core Fulcrum Billing Module

The core module includes:

  • Billing for hospitality, industrial & healthcare customers. 
  • An Administration Module to manage the enterprise
  • Comprehensive User Help and Documentation
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Service. Learn more…
Fulcrum is a scalable solution capable of managing an unlimited number of plants and is easily modifiable to fit the needs and practices of each plant in the system. Fulcrum is the most Internet-ready solution in the marketplace today, ensuring your success now and into the future.  
Fulcrum integrates with most accounting packages used in the industry and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains.   Learn more…

Additional Modules 
  • Fulcrum Mobile Accounting
Handhelds on the route reduce service time, reduce route credits and can generate a final printed invoice with the customer’s signature at the point of service. Learn more…
  • Fulcrum Customer Portal 
The Customer Portal Module empowers customers to manage their own transactions, from adding new wearers to requesting special deliveries. The Customer Portal adds value to the service and improves efficiency. Learn more… 
  • Fulcrum Healthcare Portal
The Healthcare Portal adds value for hospitals that are looking to improve their linen management. Linen Room Managers can track usage by department and manage inventory levels. Learn more… 
  • Fulcrum Business Intelligence 
This Business Intelligence module provides an online business portal with configurable scorecards and KPI (key performance index) dashboards for Sales, Service, Production and the Management Team. Learn more…   
  • Fulcrum Tracking
The Tracking Module supports both bar codes and RFID chips. The software ships with tools to manage garment ID’s, ensuring that all items are billed and that loss charges can be substantiated. Learn more… 
  • Fulcrum Sales and Work Order
The Sales and Work Order Module manages the garment stockroom and make-up function. The Sales and Work Order module does not require the Tracking Module. Learn more… 
  • Fulcrum Emblem
In conjunction with the Sales and Work Order Module, the Emblem Module documents, manages and bills customer emblems by department, by wearer, by item.   Learn more… 
  • Fulcrum Corporate Accounts 
The Corporate Accounts Module manages customer groups and ensures consistency across those groups by ‘locking’ users out of item and surcharge pricing at plant level. Learn more… 
  • Fulcrum Purchase Order 
In conjunction with the Sales and Work order module, the Purchase Order Module integrates with Great Plains Purchase Order Processing, generating PO’s in Great Plains for a range of Fulcrum unfilled work orders.
  • Data Import

This module imports data into Fulcrum from any legacy route accounting system via flat files. The module has a GUI and is fully documented.

  • Reporting Module 
Create your own Crystal reports and then run them from the Fulcrum menu.  Fulcrum creates the user interface for the report parameters on the fly. 
  • SmartList Builder 
Fulcrum ships with several SmartLists as standard.  This module allows the user to create and run their own SmartLists.  Custom SmartLists allow the user to create dynamic views of any data in the system and then drill-down on that data to the individual record.
  • Ellis & Positek RFID Interfaces
 Interface with the Ellis & CA Sort garment sorting systems.